If you are looking for a vehicle that confers instant stardom on you, as a driver, then the Ferrari 575M Maranello (Fiorano Handling Pack) offered by Kahn Automobiles is definitely worth considering.

Snappy shifting, devoid of a typically troublesome clutch pedal, we are talking about one of the world’s fastest vehicles.


For a car capable of running at over 200 mph, the Maranello is astonishingly plush and refined. It always remains stable and secure. One reason is the superb F1 gearbox and Fiorano handling package which lets you keep both hands on the wheel.

The steering is feathery light at low speeds and weighs up nicely once you put your foot down. The superlight brake pedal commands the same brakes as those on the 550, stopping the car from 70 mph in an impressive 166 feet.

Does the Ferrari 575M Maranello perform like a modern supercar?

Through the wizardry of electronics, its suspension soaks up the fractures of dodgy potholes and large impacts without drama whilst maintaining the excellent body control required by a machine this quick.

The upside to the relatively soft suspension is excellent ride quality. It's certainly no slouch, with the top speed claimed to be 202mph, but the significant factor is just how useable that performance is.

This is not only the quintessential everyday supercar, the Ferrari 575M Maranello (Fiorano Handling Pack) benefits from a stunning specification and will continue to appreciate in value.

In short, this is the definitive ultra-performance classic GT.

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