The next best thing to an actual visit to Kahn Design H.Q...

If you ever happen to go on vacation to the U.K, Buckingham Palace is generally on top of the list when it comes to must see tourist attractions.

Unfortunately, the queen’s primary residence does not display some of the most beautiful automotive works of art.

Getting closer, but not quite there yet, how about the words KAHN adorned on the leading edge of the front bonnet? You guessed right, welcome to Kahn Design.

However, should you visit our boutique's on the Kings Road in Chelsea and Kensington high street; you will no doubt be able to view some of the most sought after vehicles on the planet.

Getting to the U.K may prove difficult for many, so we are now offering the next best thing: a virtual tour of our headquarters in Bradford via Google Street View.

Not only can you experience the exotic showroom itself, but Kahn Design also went a step further by allowing viewers to “sit” inside the interiors of several Project Kahn Range Rovers and Chelsea Truck Company Defender and Jeep Wrangler's.

The Kahn showroom facility is quite something, adorned with some of the most prestigious vehicles and accessories on display.


Click here for a virtual tour of the Kahn showroom.