Aston Martin is currently in the process of reimagining its aged lineup, and while the DB9 has just been replaced by the DB11, British design house Kahn managed to get ahold of a few copies of the grand tourer to do its own personal tinkering with, says Carbuzz journalist Gabe Beita Kiser.

A car like the DB9 is one of the best automotive designs of its time and should not be held hostage by the patent holder. Instead it should be shared so that artists can do what artists do best: rip off one style and put their own spin on it.

A copy of the resulting spin Kahn’s designers put on the DB9, a topless Volante model no less, was unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show where our photographers spotted it and let the shutters click away. Built on Aston Martin’s bonded aluminum and composite VH platform, the Kahn Vengeance Volante maintains structural rigidity without adding too much weight.

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